On the left Blaze true from: Angel of hope flame

On the right her human from: Doctor blaze

blazes info

blaze started out as a normal nobody here on wiki, but slowly and surely she earn the respect of the whole administration while also worming her way into their hearts though they won't admit it.

it wasn't long until Vice President org recruited young blaze for mod position. He told the young girl under his wing and taught her everything he knows. Now she is a fully grow doctrine administrator here on wiki. She now dedicates her time to the well being of her follow administration members and follow wiki goiner's.

blaze personality

Blaze is a just a bright ball of sunshine if there ever was one calling her optimistic would be the understatement of the year! She just has this positive outlook on life that people can never truly copper hand, her energetic charisma is so damn contagious you literally can't stay sad whenever blaze is the room. Her bright soft demur can't help but warm your heart, this is mostly likely why her patients feel so safe around her.

The best way to describe blazes smarts is witty, in fact the saying 'sharp as whip' probably came from Blaze. Almost hardly anything can get past her incredible insight and she delivers it at such speeds that it can only amaze you and never be able to be described. Not only that, but blaze plans things so well out that her back up plans have multiple back plans to them. she literally can think up thousands upon thousands of possible routes to take in case something happens. Some think she can see the future but blaze always tells them she can't.

Blaze never beats around the bush, she is very blunt and straight forward in her approach. she also been know to be a sarcastic peice of shit (her sacrism how she earn the nickname boss blaze). But she dose know when to stop before she goes too far so she is sensitive to others thoughts and feelings.

If you're ever looking for fierce loyalty then look no farther for you find it in blaze. She posses so much devotion, such poisson it's almost overwhelming. She rattle be horribly tortured then braytral the of the trust of her friends and patients. She takes her oath of patient confidentiality with deadly seriousness! The only ones she allows to veto it is org or jj And even then the have to have probable cause.

Blaze is an extremely tenacious women this often makes her come out as stubborn (maybe she is). Despite her fiery attitude; blaze can actually be qutie calm mined and practical, Blaze does unfortunately have a deep burning temper within her but keeps under control.



  • Enhanced Agility, very acrobatic, and flexible
  • Enhanced Vision (can see and track a target at least 3,000 miles away)
  • excellent marksman (has never miss, can even hit a moving target)
  • talented tactician and brilliant strategizes
  • train martial arts and hand-to-hand combat 


  • red golden colored quiver with golden arrows
  • carries double sword kata on her belt
  • has a hidden drager
  • wears a bracelet that activates into a shield
  • has a hip pouch- (keeps vials of gasoline, flash pellets, first aid kit)
  • a strong leather whip

type of arrows

  • flaming arrows
  • normal arrows
  • light arrows- can pierce through the darkest shadows and brighten the deepest despair
  • multi arrows- an arrow that breaks into five arrows
  • electric arrow- can cause a severe shock to your nerve system (if it makes contact with you)
  • explosive arrow- explodes upon contact or blaze can set if off via through an remote control


  • heavens wrath (thousands of flaming arrows fall from the sky, falling upon those below)
  • eagle eyes (can see things others can't, her eyes glow golden when used)
  • phoenix fire (can heal deadly wounds and mend broken skin,muscles and bones.)
  • enlight (lights her arrows and kata's on fire)


lumina- her adopted sister, blaze cares for her very much

org- her boss, see him as her grandfatherly figure (they have a very interesting business relationship; it's purely professional even though they're not XD)

dark (ultimate dark carnage)- good pals

scooty- her most dearest and bestest friend

jj- good pals

teen- their good colleges

dark (Ultimate Dark Carnage)- their good colleges

Freekingamer- see him as her big brotherly figure

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