Once I step through darkness, I might not be able to contain myself. But in every darkness there is light. You won't lose me, but you will be blinding from my true form for a while until your eyes open up once more to see through me as who I truly am.

— Jj

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|katakana = ブルードリーマー |romanji = JJ BlueDreamer |homeworld = Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance |voiceactors = Japanese: Jj
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First Appearance Destiny Islands
Home World Destiny Islands Hollow Bastion
Katakana (Kanji) リク
Romanji Riku
Voice Actors Japanese: Mamoru Miyano & Eiji Shima
English: David Gallagher & Ty Panitz
Game Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Jj BlueDreamer (JJブルードリーマー), also known as JJ burūdorīmā, is the Leader of the Kingdom Hearts 3D: DDD wiki. She also goes to other wikis to help out friends, but her main priority is focused on KH. She is number 1 of Organization 13.


Jj can be very neutral in many aspects. She can either be nice, kind and laid back when she wants to be.

BlueDreamer is a shy, quiet and understandable girl. But do anything to piss her off and she will not be kind. As the Founder, she tries her hardest to maintain a balance in her mood and character.

Her mind is full of mysteries, but she tries to show love and compassion to those she considers her friends. She usually doesn't treat new comers or strangers kindly, but it's a matter of time. Those brick walls she constructed around herself aren't going to break themselves!

Foreign Personas:

Taiven: A 17 year old girl who is very much self-centered, ego-centric, and selfish. She thinks about nothing but herself and doesn't consider any one on any means or measures. Her non-existent heart doesn't permit her to feel, but deep down, her emotions are shut down.

Anastasia: A 17 year old girl is a kind, generous, humble, and sweet to those she crosses paths with. She gets hurt often by people and society, but that never takes the smile off her face. She is very much happy and enthusiastic about new things she confronts.


Jj has pink, ruffled hair. Weighs about 150 lb. and has the height of 6"2 feet. She has slime green eyes and a small but perfectly curved nose. You often find her with a gray bini (hat) on her head with headphones placed over her ears. She loves to wear her warm hoodie and turtle neck sweater under. Slim black jeans and flat sneakers help Jj feel comfy on cold days, and her gloves really add the perfect touch to her slender hands.

Usually, there is a wire hanging around her body, which rightfully belongs to her handy dandy microphone. She also carries a middle sized violin case on her back for safe keeping. She doesn't like to be apart from her prized instruments and accessories.