About Us!^^

The Kingdom Hearts Wiki is a wiki focusing on the Kingdom Hearts video game series, developed by Square Enix in cooperation with Disney. KHWiki attempts to document all things related to Kingdom Hearts, from elements of storyline to gameplay. KH 3D, is a wikia where users from around the world join together share about KH and characters. Each user has a set of information concerning the game that can be created on this wiki. You can share anything you wan't regards to the game. The atmosphere on this wiki has to maintain healthy. We all must get along cleanly, nicely and respectfully.

Our Society

In this wiki, we are made up of users from around the globe. We all join together to have a pleasant time: editing, role-playing, and talking in chat. The administration's goal is to keep everything running as smooth and clean as possible. We join together in partnership to make the wiki grow by adding new pages.

The Family

The wiki family is pretty much everyone that joins. Once you are part of the wiki you are part of the family. Family tactic is too keep everyone united in a friendly matter. You will not be judged by; Race, Ethnicity, Sexual-Orientation, Gender, etc. This is a community that will accept anything with flexibility.

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