Guilds are organizations of users in the "Realm of Light". They are a group of people that enforces and protects their team. Each team is assigned a task to perform in the most responsible and mature way possible. This wiki community is each teams' Kingdom Hearts. All teams' purpose is to protect, to enforce, and to make sure it's a fun and home-welcoming community. 

The organization starts out by their Guild Master, A.K.A. the Wiki Administrator. Second, it will be the Administrator Assistant or any other group member with user rights. It is then followed by the Third In-Charge who must be a Roll-Back or a Bureaucrat. The rest of the members will be regular users that take part in the activities of their guild. They will be known as wiki-helpers.

Guild Ranks

Guild Master- A Guild Master is a Organization Leader who is the Head of the Guild that he or she is affiliated with. Typically, Guild Masters are very powerful, often being the strongest in their guilds. As the heads of their own respective guilds, they virtually have complete authority over their subordinates, and can thus dictate their actions. As such, they are able to excommunicate members of their guilds or even reappoint them. They can set out rules and their Guild members will follow and enforce them.

Second-In-Charge (S-Charge)- An Second In-Charge guild member is a powerful member that is recognized by the Guild Master and is able to undertake S-Charge Jobs. However, their responsibilities for S-Class Jobs are hard tasks to accomplish. The overall strength of S-Charge Members differs from guild to guild. In some instances, an S-Class member is considered the strongest within their respective guilds, as such, they follow their Guild Master's rules without question. They also have their right to share ideas with their leader.

Third-In-Charge (T-Charge)- Third In-Charge are simply users of help that are able to undertake jobs. Regular T-Charge are not allowed to undertake S-Charge jobs unless they are under the supervision of an S-Charge member. However, it is possible for them to become an S-Charge member.

Guild Members- Regular Guild Members are only allowed to share ideas and enforce the Guild Master's rules. They can achieve a higher rank if they are proven to be trustworthy.

Active Guilds