These are standards on how articles on the KingdomHearts3D:DDD Wiki should be made. The following are below.

General Editing

Use of the "Edit Summary"

When editing pages, try to fill in the "Edit Summary" box above the "Preview" box before hitting "Publish", as this is to make sure that you describe the edit you made and, if it's not obvious, why. For example, "Fixed spelling error" or "Added fun fact" or "Reverted edits by" are all acceptable. Saying "Made some changes" or just filling in the name of the page is not helpful, because it's information that we already have. Making your summaries accurate and useful makes it vastly easier for the rest of us to keep track of recent changes and keeps everybody satisfied.

Use The "Minor Edit" Button

If you're making a minor edit (fixing a spelling error or tweaking formatting), try to remember to check the "Minor Edit" button above the "Edit Summary" box at the top right before publishing your edits.