Hello KH Community,

Finally, the wiki has grown enough to develop something known as a "Family Tree." But here is the twist, the KH family is the weirdest and most illogical, baffling, and confusing Tree ever known. But, here are the attempts to put it in order.

Here is how it starts...

Reborn-Kun (Father and Brother of...)- Council Org (Father of...)- Ike Dreyar (Brother of..)- Spitfire Blaze (Father of..)- Mikiu Hatsune

Reborn is twins with Skarletscarab


Lumina Blankenheim aka Mikiu Hatsune (Mother and Sister of...)- Spitfire Blaze (Sister)- DSM- Ike

Married to + Wanderingsilverrose


/ | |

JjBlueDreamer1 (Founder, Daughter, Sister to..) The Demonic Wolf King (Son, Brother)

Married to Skarletscarab


Coco and Hypercane Teen